About Me

Thank you for your interest in my black and white fine art photography.

The coast of Maine continues to be an integral part of my life, and has been since I spent much of my childhood growing up there, specifically in Harpswell on Casco Bay, near Brunswick, where I currently live. The natural magnificence of the entire state has always inspired me, but it is the constantly changing beauty of the coast that is most special, whether it is a day in late September with blue sky, white clouds and the sparkling of the water, a quiet, foggy day in August, or a stormy, windy, snowy day with waves crashing, in February. It is through black and white fine art photography that I choose to express and communicate my love of the natural world around me.

I have been in love with black and white photography for as long as I can remember – it is a passion for me. Because it is now a second career, I feel lucky to have the freedom to photograph what inspires and excites me, without the pressure of having to shoot solely to please others.

Seascapes, landscapes, figure work, and dance are my favorite areas of interest. Preferring to work in black and white, I try to reduce an image to its basics of patterns, shapes, lines and textures. By using these fundamentals and their interplay with light, I enjoy the challenge of searching for the extraordinary in the ordinary scene, while at the same time creating a strong, yet simple, composition. While a color image will typically be literal, black and white allows me more latitude to create my own interpretation. The elements of simplicity, sensuality, and solitude are commonly found in my work.

Along with the State of Maine, I absolutely love Yellowstone National Park in the winter, and have made almost a dozen trips out there for creating images. There is something incredibly special about what the park offers in the winter - peaceful and quiet, the cleanliness provided by the snow covering everything beneath it, the majesty of open terrain and open skies, and observing animals where their energy is directed almost totally at surviving the winter.

And the third area of extreme interest for me, is the beauty of the body in figure work and dance. What dancers can train their bodies to do, is simply awe-inspiring. And with figure work, it is all about light. From the model's point of view, light to reveal the beauty and shadow to hide self-perceived imperfections. And from the photographer's point of view, light and shadow are among the main building blocks to create a memorable image. Regardless of where I am, or what is in front of me, I find photography a satisfying avenue for reflecting the feelings and emotions of what I see. And for me, it is a successful image if the viewer is also able to share those feelings and emotions.

My photography has been exhibited throughout Maine, including Bowdoin College, and at shows in Portland, Falmouth, Freeport, Yarmouth, and Brunswick, Maine. Since 2002, I have taught, and continue to teach, the Marine Photography courses at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine. I also offer assistance with Lightroom, B&W photography, and Digital Photography on a one to one basis, or small groups.

Jon Strout


While there are innumerable people who have helped me along my way, I would like to thank two of them here.

Neal Parent, somehow, was able to see something beyond the muddy prints - totally devoid of any contrast - that I would show him decades ago, and gave me encouragement and suggestions without extinguishing my flame. And still does. www.nealparent.com

Elizabeth Opalenik is one of the most creative and inspiring artists that I have ever met. And she is also one of the most generous workshop leaders going, contributing a minimum of 200 %. Unhappily for her students, she has recently retired, but she deserves to have all the time she wants now for pursuing her creative callings. elizabethopalenik.com

Sales and Publications

Prints of the images on this site can be purchased as archival pigment prints on Moab Entrada fine art, 100% cotton paper. These are available in a variety of sizes, either matted, or matted and framed. I also print gallery wraps using Epson's Exhibition Canvas Matte. Please contact me for inquiries.

I currently have two publications through MagCloud, with some more in the works. Please follow the links below. You can preview each booklet by clicking on the link on the MagCloud page. If interested, please order directly through MagCloud.


Yellowstone’s Winter Beauty - http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1197875